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Website Malware Removal Service

Located in Melbourne, Australia


Has the security of your website recently been compromised?

Do you feel vulnerable from future attacks?

Hi, my name is Michael Colman and I’m a WordPress web developer by trade and I help fight malware by night.

My Site Got Hacked’ uses specialized malware removal tools to get your site safe and secure within 24 hours or less—Guaranteed*.

Our professional and affordable service will remove malware, badware, code injections and backdoors from your website ensuring the security of your users, businesses and private information.

Why My Site Got Hacked?

‘My Site Got Hacked’ is a proudly trusted service with a reliable reputation of timeliness and professionalism.

website-hackingAll of our experts have a background in web development and specialize in the removal of malware and the restoration of websites.

We understand the finite details that other service providers overlook, and we know all the tricks of the trade that hackers use to compromise your website.

With this expert backing, not only do we remove the harmful malware, but we “lock down” your website ensuring the security and protection from future attacks.

What Websites Can We Fix?

’My Site Got Hacked’ repairs and restores the following website providers:

WordPress Website Hacked

  • Remove All Malware
  • WordPress Lock down
  • WordPress Maintenance

Remove Malware

Joomla Website Hacked

  • Remove All Malware
  • Joomla Updates and Lockdown
  • Joomla Maintenance

Remove Malware

Not Sure What Website

  • Remove All Malware
  • Secure and montior your site
  • Website Maintenance

Remove Malware

Ongoing Maintenance Service – How We Can Help?


First Lets Discuss Why your website got hacked?

A common misconception among small site owners is that they do not receive enough traffic to warrant an attack via a hacker or malware. Malware attacks are often automated bots that search the web for vulnerable and outdated sites in order to compromise them.

Moreover, if an exploit is known within a plugin or piece of software, the automated malware will search for websites that use these regardless of whether they’re updated to the latest version. If you’re the target of a malware attack, it is more often than not an untargeted attempt with you being the unfortunate victim. Hackers, on the other hand, actively seek out websites that have known vulnerabilities.

Typically, these hackers are looking for credit card details or other personal information kept within a website’s database. It is for these reasons that users are discouraged from storing such information on their website.


Monthly Maintenance

If you are unable to maintain your website’s security, “My Site Got Hacked” offers a full malware removal service as well as the option of managing the on-going maintenance operations of your website.

This will ensure that your website is protected from further malicious malware and hacking attempts. With this package, we conduct periodical scans of your website for malware, Trojan horses, spyware and adware; update your WordPress software; and conduct frequent backups of your website’s database.

"Thanks My Website Got Hacked for saving our site and so QUICKLY!"

satisfied customer

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