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Top 5 Things To Do When Your WordPress Site Get Blacklisted

Has your WordPress Site Blacklisted? The online world is always shifting and changing, from the introduction to blogging software to the arrival of social media marketing. Our whole way of socializing with each other as individuals is transforming as an effect of its ever-changing applications platforms and the Internet. It is quite easy these days to […]

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Hacked Website – 4 simple steps to clean your website.

A sad reality about running WordPress sites is that occasionally they could get hacked.

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Useful Security Musts For WP-CONFIG.PHP

The wp-config.php file is the most important file in the WordPress installation.  The file sits in the root of your WP installation and configures the database connection functionalities but also has some very important security details that can easily be updated to save your site from being hacked. To access the wp-config.php file you can […]

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The Week In Hacker News

In todays post we go through how not only are small independent require website malware removal, but also the big enterprise websites such as NATO have been affected by cyber crime.  WordPress is a powerful and free CMS that with the good always comes the bad side.  However, not all is bad.  It’s important to have […]

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Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins

To give you an quick overview to malware attacks those hackers that attack WordPress websites tend to find one security leak which will allow them to run scripts and hack your website.  These hacks can often cause great issues for website owners as they rely on their websites to earn a living. Tips to assess […]

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Hackers hack162,000 WordPress sites

There has been vary DoS / DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks in the past week.  It seems that hackers have been targeting the built-in pingback system built in WordPress to maliciously compromise over 100,000 WordPress websites.  If your website is a WordPress site it’s very possible that you could be vulnerable.  In fact, the […]

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Website Hosting Reviews Australia

Choosing the right hosting provider can be a difficult task if you don’t know what your looking for. In today’s post I will take a look at some great hosting providers that you might not find on a lot of Australian Web Hosting Review sites.   I will also save you the trouble of trawling […]

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My site is not hacked but Google says it is

QUESTION:  I just did a search on site name in Google.  There is a link that says “This Site May Be Hacked”… What does this mean?  And How Can I remove this? ANSWER:  Google is fighting an ongoing battle against Malware.  If they believe that a website is infected with Malware they will put you on […]

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WordPress Enterprise?

WordPress has been part of the digital lingo for many years now. In fact it powers close to 20% of the internet and is slowly etching it’s way onto the corporate scene. However, why does it still lack confidence amongst management, business analysts and software developers? I was introduced to WordPress over 5 years now […]

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What to do if your Website is Hacked

Nothing quite drives your visitors away from your website like a big bright red message from Google saying “this site may harm your computer” or “this site may have been compromised”. Hopefully your not reading this post because you’ve been hacked, but rather to prevent it from happening in the future. If you are reading […]

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