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My site is not hacked but Google says it is

QUESTION:  I just did a search on site name in Google.  There is a link that says “This Site May Be Hacked”… What does this mean?  And How Can I remove this?

ANSWER:  Google is fighting an ongoing battle against Malware.  If they believe that a website is infected with Malware they will put you on their blacklist.


Other terms Google use are;

  • This site may be compromised
  • This site may be hacked
  • This site may harm your computer
  • Visiting this site may harm your computer
  • The link to this site is disabled because it might download malicious software that can harm your computer.

If any of the above terms are something you may be experiencing, let me help you.

What do all these warnings mean?

The likely hood is that Google has detected suspicious malware, links from malware sites that are most likely going to infect your users, computers and should not visit the site. This is most frequent on sites that have hidden malware, spam, Trojans on a site.  Phishing pages can also be added to the above list, it’s important to note that Phishing is generally from email campaigns pointing to a particular URL.

How can I fix this issue?

If you can still visit your page without the Google Warning then it’s either one or two things;

  1. Google are not far away from putting up the warning sign
  2. Google detected Malware in the past.

To check to see if your website has malware it’s best to use a malware scanning tool.  I prefer to use the Sucuri Scanning tool.  This tool will give you an accurate reading as to if you have malware, what online services have blacklisted your site and in some cases pin point exactly where the malware is contaminated.

If you have malware I offer a service to remove your malware within 12 hours.  I have also written a few great articles on how to remove malware by yourself.

This article is not going to talk about removing the malware but how to remove the warning signs!

I did the scan, I don’t have Malware, but I still have the warning sign?

OK, so you have just completed the scan and there are no signs of Malware.  This is most likely that Google have detected Malware in the past or you  once linked to a website that contained Malware and Google have not yet removed the warning sign.

The first step is to alert Google that you do not have Malware.  How do we do this?

Log into Google Webmaster Tools

If you don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account it is highly recommended that you set one up.  It’s very easy to set this up and in the coming days I will do a tutorial on how to create and use your Google Webmaster Tools!

Once logged into your GWT account jump into the website account.  A good tip is to make sure your contact details are up to date in Google Webmaster Tools as Google will send you warnings when your site is compromised in any way.

Navigate over to Security Issues on the left menu.  If your site is infected you will see options to notify Google to remove any warnings.  This process can take up to 10 hours.  Google are really good on removing the warning very quickly.

TIP:  Also use Yahoo and Bing and do a search on your website name to make sure they haven’t blocked you either.  Both Yahoo and Bing have similar Webmaster Tools application where you can also apply to remove the Malware.

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