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Top 5 Things To Do When Your WordPress Site Get Blacklisted


Has your WordPress Site Blacklisted? The online world is always shifting and changing, from the introduction to blogging software to the arrival of social media marketing.

Our whole way of socializing with each other as individuals is transforming as an effect of its ever-changing applications platforms and the Internet.

It is quite easy these days to create a website but keeping it safe from malware and spamming requires lots of awereness.

Let’s take a look at following five things that you can do when WordPress Site Blacklisted by some known or unknown reasons.

1.  Warn your users of the malware

The first and foremost thing to do is log into your FTP or CPANEL and save an index.html file on the root of your server and put up the new one saying, “Sorry we are under maintenance, we will be back soon with something better”.

This will avoid more users of your site from get infected.

If you don’t know how to create an index.html file you could install the WP Maintenance Mode plugin.  This will allow you to put a warning message on your website.

2.  Change all your passwords

Now, it goes without saying, change all your password. While doing so make sure that your desktop or laptop is not infected.  Just do a scan of your hard drive with your anti-virus software.

3.  Scan your website

Scan your website for any potential malware threat.

It is just a precautionary step to rule out the possibility of being attacked by malware.

You can use the following free malware scan here.

4.  Removing the Malware

If it is a first time that you came across the scenario of WordPress Site Blacklisted problem, then best solution is to upgrade your CMS or Content Management System to its latest version.

And, the sooner you do this, the better it is for your website.

  1. Log into your FTP and take a backup of all your files.
  2. Download a fresh copy of WordPress –
  3. Delete all files on the root except for the wp-config.php file.  This includes – all the wp-….php files,  index.php and anything that looks suspicious.
  4. Delete the wp-admin and wp-includes folder.
  5. Unzip the wordpress download you did in step 2.
  6. Copy across all the files on the root and the wp-admin and wp-includes folder.
  7. Test your site and make sure it’s working.
  8. Do a scan as in step 3 – scan your website.
  9. If there is still malware it is likely to be in the plugins folder or the theme.
  10. Re-download all your plugins from the WordPress site and then delete all plugin folders and re-upload
  11. Repeat step 8.
  12. If still not removed, then you will need to re-download your theme where you purchased it from.  If you have made changes to the theme, please make sure you are careful.
  13. If you are still having issues, please request a malware removal.

5.  Google Webmaster Tools

Login on Google webmaster using the following URL:

Remember – if you do not have a Google account, then you have to register a new one to use the webmasters tools.

Now, add your website to Google Webmaster Tools using the “Add Site” option. As soon as you add your site start following its instructions to verify your site.

Now, click on the “Request View” option to get the re-verification done by Google.

Remember, this may take several hours or a day before Google clears your website.

These are some of the advised steps to follow when WordPress Site Blacklisted.

One of the biggest clue that you site is blacklisted is, such sites start showing errors like “This site may harm your computer” or “This site in infected” messages will appear as soon as you open those blacklisted site’s URL on your browser.

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