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WordPress Enterprise?

enterpriseWordPress has been part of the digital lingo for many years now. In fact it powers close to 20% of the internet and is slowly etching it’s way onto the corporate scene. However, why does it still lack confidence amongst management, business analysts and software developers?

I was introduced to WordPress over 5 years now and yet to hear one client complaint about WordPress not being able to achieve a request. However, when I deal with clients that pay close to $1 million dollars for a Microsoft Sharepoint website all I hear are complaints with restraints to Social Media feeds, Search Engine basics not to mention paying $250 per hour to make a simple HTML or CSS change to a template.

Is WordPress Ready for the world of enterprise?

Blogging Beginnings

WordPress initiated itself as a user-friendly blogging platform which allowed everyone from all over the world to create an online website to publish content. From there people were critiquing food, movies, fashion writing about their hobbies, kids, dogs, politics and it was a way to build an online community. From this social media enhanced the reach of blog posts creating a whole new avenue to driving traffic to blogs.

For those savvy entrepreneurs blogging through WordPress suddenly because a way to make money with little investment. The WordPress community grew and more and more contributors began engaging with WordPress. Being an open source platform developers were starting to build themes, plugins and also giving back to the WordPress core system whilst maintaining that simple platform for your everyday blogger to use.

As WordPress matured at a steady rate it suddenly became a great option to build for business CMS platforms, eCommerce shops, Membership portals and training websites.

Why the constraints with a Business CMS?

Ten years down the track and WordPress is a full-scaled open source CMS framework. With 2,000+ themes (93 million downloads), close to 30,000 plugins (607 million downloads) you can confidently be certain that WordPress will be able to accomplish any requirement for an enterprise system.

The Open Source platforms allows for any custom design to be implemented as a theme. This is very powerful which will allow corporate companies to build their WordPress theme. Although there are many plugins I still believe choosing the right plugin is not something that should be taken for granted.

The major issue with WordPress and why IT Managers are still afraid to implement are because of the many website being hacked. As an IT Manager it is your number one responsibility for the highest amount of security. As WordPress most powerful feature is being open source it can also be it’s biggest downfall. What this means is that every WordPress out of the box has the same installation package. The same folder structure, same default username suggestion being “admin”, the same database installation.

This is perfect for hackers as they build scripts that can attack security vulnerabilities many WordPress installs.

Does this mean that WordPress enterprise won’t survive?

No! It is imperative that when you install your WordPress website you are aware of those out of the box setups that can be changed.

Online security scanner

We recommend Sucuri to scan as your website. They alert you if your site has been infected with malware. They have a fantastic WordPress plugin, they can offer removal service at a reasonable price. However, it must be noted that they do not fix the security issue, they only remove the malware.

Choosing the right hosting

Secure WordPress hosting is also critical for security prevention. We recommend as a hosting provider. I have seen far to many poor hosting companies not take precautions or the right security measures to protect other websites on their shared hosting environments. In the IT industry it is impossible to prevent or guarantee that a website will never get hacked, although having the right hosting company with a great record for support can definitely help.

WordPress Lockdown

The WordPress Lockdown or Harderning is another option that needs to be taken into consideration. This is the process of changing that off the shelf structure of your database, not having “admin” as a login, having the right read/write permissions on your files, limiting login attempts through wp-admin and of course keeping all your themes, WordPress and plugins up to date! Most times WordPress release an update it’s generally for security purposes.

Also note, that almost every time My Site Got Hacked works on an infected website is because the WordPress or Plugin has not been updated in a long time.

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