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Has Your Joomla! Site Been Hacked?

Joomla Site HackedIs your Joomla Site Hacked? Can’t log into your website?  Has your hosting company asked you to remove malware?  Then My Site Got Hacked is here to help!

We will pinpoint the exact files on your website that have been compromised and clean them up.


Remove MalwareRemoving Malware from Your Joomla! Site Our Process

  1. Fill in the form found here – remove malware
  2. We scan your site for compromised files
  3. We will clean and remove nasty malware code from your Website
  4. Give you tips to update your server to prevent a hack in the future.

Why Did My Joomla Site Get Hacked?

Joomla! is a open source CMS that is often been scrutinised for its insecurities.  It’s important to understand that no website on the web is 100% secure.  There are many stories where eBay, Playstation and just recently a large world wide security fault forced many punters to update their passwords for Google, Paypal and Facebook.

Malware viruses offen occur with outdated software.  In our experience this is the largest cause of attacks.  There are scenarios where you can’t simply upgrade your Joomla! site.  Especially version 2 and early.  The reason this becomes expensive is because a total rebuild of your Joomla! website is required.  In the circumstance where where this isn’t an option, My Site Got Hacked can simply find where the hack lies within your website files and will clean this up.  We also offer ongoing maintenance that will monitor your site on an ongoing basis.

How To Be Proactive – Joomla Site Hacked?

If you have recently done a Google on “Hacked Joomla Site” you will come across some negative sentiment around this topic.  The bottom line is that any website can be effected from malware.  However, don’t fear!  Security is not very hard to keep on top of.  However, because most articles make it difficult to follow it because too much to handle.  If you haven’t already we recommend you take a read of the  Joomla! Security Checklist.

Here are a few tips to take action today!

Backup – One of the most important actions you can immediately take is to take backups of your website.  It is important to factor in the amount of backups you must keep.  We recommend to keep at least a full months worth of daily backups or 6 months of weekly backups.  Get in touch with your developer, hosting company and make sure they are taking a backup.  If they do not offer this service we recommend Akeeba Backup.

Upgrade – As mentioned earlier in this page, it’s imperative that your Joomla! website is up to date with the latest version.  Be sure to backup your website before upgrading, and test thoroughly!

Block User 62! – By default all Joomla! sites are installed with the user “admin” with the an id 62.  Unfortunately, this is the easiest way for most hackers to get into your Joomla! site.  Simply create yourself a new username and password and assign yourself Super Admin.  Once this is done, be sure to delete “user”.

Backend /administrator login – Again, by default the Joomla installation creates the /administrator as the way to login into your backend.  This is again another vulnerability.  Install this extension which will change this for you –

File and Directory Permissions – This will be a very technical for most.  However, we recommend that you get in touch with your hosting company to ask them to change the permissions on both files and directory.  What this does is make these files “read only”.  By default your files will be “executable”  this means that anyone that is granted access can easily make modifications to core files, which is how hackers plant malware on websites.

Always Update Passwords – Haven’t updated your passwords in a while – well, now is a great time to do it.  Change FTP, CPANEL and any administrator passwords NOW!