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  • Is your WordPress Site Hacked?
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  • Has your hosting company asked you to remove malware?

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Why Did Your WordPress Site Get Hacked?

wordpressWordPress is a content management system built on open source. Open Source systems have often been referred to as insecure websites.  The reason being is that the “off the shelf” installation are identical across many websites.  Therefore making it very easy for hackers to attack the WordPress system.

Nowadays WordPress is an extremely popular CMS.  In fact it has been claimed that over 30% of websites across the world wide web have the WordPress CMS installed.  Another reason why it attracks hackers.

It’s important to note that no website on the web is 100% secure.  There are many stories where eBay, Playstation and just recently a large world wide security fault forced many punters to update their passwords for Google, Paypal and Facebook.

The largest caused of Malware viruses are correlated with outdated software.  WordPress has a very large developer community that “give back” to WordPress and as a result WordPress frequently update the system.  When a new update is released instantly all WordPress CMS platforms have the ability to update the CMS directly from the dashboard.  This can be done with a click of a button.  This must come with a warning though.  Depending on what WordPress push and whether there have been some LARGE code changes, you is imperative that you take a backup before conducting any upgrades.

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